We are now the official distributor for ScaleBio in Australia and New Zealand.

ScaleBio’s single cell sequencing library preparation technology and single-cell analysis solutions enable unprecedented sample multiplexing, cell throughput and multi-omics profiling of cells. 

The Technology

Their advanced split-pool barcoding and combinatorial indexing technology leverage the cell as a compartment for a simple, instrument-free single-cell workflow -

1. Permeabilised cells are distributed in a multi-well plate where barcoded probes tag cellular analytes with a barcode that is uniform for all cells within a single well.

2. These barcoded cells are pooled, then randomly re-distributed for another round of barcoding.

3. This process is completed when the desired barcode space has been achieved. The number of cells profiled can be scaled up exponentially with repeated rounds of pooling and splitting to enable single cell experiments with hundreds of thousands to millions of cells.

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