The Vizgen MERSCOPE Spatial Transcriptomics grant program provides Australian and New Zealand researchers the opportunity to utilise the cutting edge MERSCOPE® technology in partnership with Walter Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI).

Successful applicants will be able to process up to 2 slides using the human PanCancer Pathway panel or mouse PanNeuro Cell Type panel.

How to Apply

Please fill out the online application form here by 28th July 2023 5pm AEST.

All applications will be reviewed by an expert selection panel. Successful applicants will be notified in writing on or before 31st Aug 2023 5pm AEST.

PanCancer Pathways Panel Advantages:

  • Explore canonical signaling pathways of cancer
  • Characterize tumor behavior
  • Investigate interactions between tumor, immune, and stromal cells across human cancers
  • Compatibility across Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer Melanoma, Ovarian Cancer, Brain Cancer
  • Tissue preservation compatibility – Fresh Frozen, Fixed Frozen, Cell Culture, and FFPE

PanNeuro Cell Type Panel Advantages:

  • Identify all major cell types including excitatory and inhibitory neurons, astrocytes, immune cells, oligodendrocytes, peripheral glial cells, and vascular cells
  • Ability to resolve neuronal and non-neuronal cell subtypes
  • Explore functional information of cell subtypes
  • Applicable across all mouse brain regions
  • Compatible tissue types – Fresh frozen, fixed frozen, Cell culture