Agilent Automated Electrophoresis Platforms

Agilent Automated Electrophoresis Platforms - One Stop Shop for Sample QC As of 1st January 2019, Agilent Technologies expanded their automated electrophoresis portfolio to include Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc (AATI) instruments and the new 4150 Tapestation. Agilent Tehcnologies now offers ...

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Free 16S Bioinformatics Analysis!

16S report

Bioinformatics is often a limiting factor for labs interested in microbiome profiling. Now, anyone can get species-level resolution analysis from 16S sequencing data. Receive a free 16S bioinformatics analysis and comprehensive report for 96 samples with the purchase of a Quick-16S NGS Library Pr...

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Whole Transcriptomics at Ultralow Input Levels

Ovation SoLo RNA-seq System A complete solution for whole transcriptome analysis. The Ovation SoLo RNA-Seq System provides an end-to-end solution for strand-specific RNA-Seq library construction using as little as 1–500 cells or 10 pg to 10 ng of total RNA.   Direct integra...

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TapeStation 2200 Promotion

Integrated Sciences is currently offering the following TapeStation promotions with reduced pricing on: *Demo Unit - G2964AA TapeStation 2200 for Protein and Nucleic Acid Analysis *New Unit - G2965AA TapeStation 2200 for Nucleic Acid Analysis *While current stock last The Agilent 2200 Tape...

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Next Generation Sequencing Sample Preparation


We are pleased to provide Australian researchers sample preparation solutions for NGS applications - from sample isolation to library construction. Generate high quality starting material for accurate, reproducible and cost effective sequencing in less time with our NGS product range. Sampl...

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