Discounts From Sample Extraction to NGS Library Prep

  1. Buy the SureSelect Library Preparation Reagents at 55% off and
  2. Complete your workflow: 15% off Sample Extraction, Reference Controls & Sample QC in the Workflow

NGS Library Preparation

Complete flexible library preparation for low input ctDNA samples

  • A rapid, streamlined workflow for parallel, targeted RNA and DNA-seq from low-input and/or degraded samples using the Agilent SureSelect XT HS2 solution
  • Fully automated workflow on Magnis NGS Prep System
  • Robust performance metrics for highly degraded samples at 10ng input
  • Detect variants occurring at <1% allele frequency (see table)
  • Uniform GC coverage even at low input

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Sample QC

Fast, automated separation of cfDNA samples using Agilent TapeStation system.

  • Achieve accurate quantification and sizing of cfDNA samples between 50-800bp
  • Automated qualification and digital assessment of % cell-free DNA
  • Automated detection of HMW DNA

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Standards & Controls

Standardisation of NGS-based liquid biopsy assays with Seracare reference controls featuring broad coverage of clinically relevant genomic alterations.

  • Comprehensive analytical validations and LoD determinations with range of AFs
  • Natural cfDNA-like size distribution and performance
  • Use as QC for plasma sample extraction efficiency and end-to-end assay workflow optimization

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Sample Collection & Nucleic Acid Extraction

Zymo Research Quick-cfDNA, Quick-cfRNA and Quick-cfDNA/cfRNA Serum & Plasma kits enable simple and efficient extraction of circulating cfDNA and cfRNA (including protein-bound, exosomal, microRNA and other small RNA).

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